Sunday, April 22, 2012

Rain Day Adventure

In between the Sunday Sessions of General Conference, Heather and I decided to take the kids on an adventure. The weather was nice (in Shelton) so we took a drive to Schafer State Park near Matlock. Well, the weather decided to not be so nice the closer we got to the park. But since we had driven 40 minutes, we decided to go for a walk anyway. Of course, Allison had decided she didn't need a coat for this adventure, so five minutes into the walk she was cold and wanted mine. Also, she wanted to ride her bike on our walk, but the ground was so mushy I ended up pushing it most of the time.

We sure didn't stay very long and definitely made it back for the second session of conference - but we still had a blast and were glad we went.

Did I mention the rain was ice cold?

And here's a fun video of Allison - proving she's just as crazy as her mama!

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