Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chris Turns 29!

For Chris' birthday this year, he decided he wanted to have a few people over for cake & ice cream. Well, a few people in our families turns in to quite the crowd. Our house is definitely NOT big enough, but we had a lot of fun. Ridge & Tessa. Such CUTE babies! Little miss Hailee (and Julie hiding behind her child - tsk tsk)
The birthday boy (doesn't he looked thrilled?)
The Beck Family (Daniel, Heather & Ridge)
Now he's starting to look happier (oh wait, that's money in his lap - of course he looks happy)!

Mr. Mark!


Time for birthday cake! Chris was very specific with his cake this year. A couple days before the party, he asked how good I was at making cakes! He wanted a chocolate layered cake with chocolate frosting and raspberry filling. WHAT!?! I am not a talented cake maker/decorator. I ended up relying on my amazing sister-in-law Chanel to take care of it for me. She's the BEST! And it was beautiful.

Cutting the cake....

Must be good....
Justin, Dave & Brenda
Wasn't the cake pretty?
Joe looks thrilled!

I put Heather in charge of pictures....she and Allison decided to have a little fun with the camera.

Love you Heather (be grateful I didn't post them all)!

The party turned out great, and even though our house is WAY too small for that many people, I think Chris was really appreciative to all of those that came and celebrated his day with him. Happy Birthday, Chris!

Kendall's Big Night!

Well, Kendall had lots of big nights, but this was the big night that Allison and I got to witness. Kendall was in a production of Alice in Wonderland at the Washington Center for the Performing Arts. Allison and I made it a Mommy/Daughter night. We went out to dinner and the show. It was so much fun. I love that as Allison gets older we can do more are more together. Allison has always loved Alice in Wonderland since for a long time she thought it was called Allison Wonderland. She loved every minute of the play. During intermission Allison and a few other little girls started a little dance party. It was so stinking cute - my child is NOT shy at all. We took Kendall home after the show - so while we waited for her to finish up, Allison (of course) decided to dance around in front of the theater. I really need to get this girl into lessons... Great job Kendall!

Sidse's Birthday

Sidse had a birthday back in February. I'm trying to remember how it went. I think the Sunday we were supposed to celebrate her birthday everyone (meaning Kevin & Robin's families) got sick. So I decided we needed to celebrate it anyway and made up a batch of cupcakes and a not so yummy dinner (I did the best with what I had, okay?). It was a fun night with such a small group - Allison always loves being the only kid around (there's much more attention on her). Doesn't Sidse look like she LOVES her cupcakes?
Allison sure does love her Grandpa.
Grandma Nielsen - always beautiful.
Sara - not so happy about a camera in her face.
Mom - always avoiding the camera.
Crazy Allison & Mommy.
I don't remember what Sidse got for her birthday...
So then the next week when people were feeling better we had another party. Sara made a birthday cake out of hostess cupcakes - Tessa sure liked that idea.

Happy Birthday, Sidse (two months later!)

Uriah's Birthday (Continued)

And a video of the lovely dancing (Allison's a bit bossy - I have no idea where she got it from).

Uriah Turned 1

Little Uriah had his FIRST birthday back in January. He's such a cutie. I love that Allison is both a Mommy's girl and a Daddy's girl. These three cousins - Lacy, Allison & Rose - get along so well. After the party, they just danced and danced on the stage at the church. It was pretty darn cute.


And while the girls danced, the boys shot some hoops....aren't they so macho?

Snow Days

We had a few snow days this year. This was back in January. Allison LOVED playing out in the snow - especially when her buddy Daniel would pull her around on his sled. Daddy and Allison made snow angels while Sammy watched on....

She was pretty worn out, but had a blast.