Saturday, January 8, 2011

2010 Wrap-Up

Phew! I'm so glad I finally got our blog updated. It's been a busy few months. Will life ever slow down? I'm always thinking that as soon as "something" happens, things will get easier, but then "something" else always comes up. I think that deep down I like life crazy and busy. Makes things more fun that way.

2010 was a great year. We've been in our house 2 1/2 years now and it definitely feels like home. We have great plans on fixing up the house in 2011 - which makes me REALLY excited. That darn family room won't been here soon enough!

I'm really excited for this new year and all the opportunities that it holds. Things are a little scary with my job, but I know we will make it through and things will work out. So time to start paying off bills NOW and get prepared. Hopefully, anyway.

I have some things I would like to accomplish this year and get off my "list". Should be a good year!

New Years Eve

This year for New Years we had a party at Tim & Julie. Myself - I showed up in sweats and a sweatshirt, but we had to have some fun and get Allison all fancied up!


Crazy girl!
These kids played "family" most of the night. All of them made it until midnight! Crazy kids.

Christmas Day

Christmas was amazing this year! Having a 4-year-old to enjoy the season with made it so much fun.
Our Christmas Tree - we probably won't ever have a real one again since it causes havoc with Allison's asthma. But this was probably one of our prettiest trees, so it was a good one to go out on....sad day!
Allison was so much fun to watch open her presents this year. Every little thing was so exciting.
I LOVE this face!
Can you say spoiled? I was pretty spoiled as well this year. Chris and I were NOT supposed to get presents for each other, but he got me a brand new camera! I was so surprised and excited. I LOVE it. He got the EXACT one I had been drooling over - how the heck did he know? Now my pictures will be of a much better quality. Too bad I only got Chris socks. Poor guy!
After we opened presents, we headed over to my parent's house to open presents there and then hang out most of the day and have dinner. Always a good time!
She's looking a little worn out!

Christmas is so much fun!

Christmas Eve

The Nadeau Family always has a big Christmas Party on Christmas Eve. This year we got to host it at our house. I just can't help but take charge and be a hostess. I think it might be my calling in life. Anyway, it was a great party, and if we get to do it again next year hopefully we will have a new family room and then everyone will be a little bit more comfortable (our house is a bit small for 16 people).
Chris is looking really excited - he can't wait for this party to start. Oh wait, is that an XBox controller in his hand? I guess he's actually just annoyed I'm interrupting his game :)
So, in stead of interrupting Chris, Allison and I took some self portraits while we waited for everyone to arrive. That's my girl!
When Dave and Brenda came, the three little girls (Lacey, Rose & Allison) decided to help Dave get all dressed up for the party.

Once the party got swinging, there wasn't a whole lot of time to take pictures. There was a LOT of food and we were all pretty well stuffed.
Allison looks like she had her fill!
Tim & Julie...
Jeremy, Melissa & Jared....
Allison opening a present...
Hailee with her AWESOME hair-do.
It was a great night! We loved having everyone over and celebrating the holiday.

Mommy Daughter Date

Time to catch up! A few days before Christmas, Allison and I went out to dinner - just the two of us. Let's just say she had a good time!