Friday, June 26, 2009

Father's Day

Father's day was great this year! We spent the morning at my parent's house and had a great time with everyone there. I am so grateful for a wonderful father - I'm glad we have this day every year to remind us of that!

The kids did not want to stay inside. They have so much fun playing at grandma and grandpa's house - there's just so much room to run around and play.Somehow they got all the grandkids (minus Crystal) to ride on this jeep. It was pretty funny.

After church we went to the Nadeau's house and had a BBQ there...tons of fun. Allison got to play with MORE cousins (this kid does not have a shortage of cousins!).

Overall it was a great day spent with lots and lots of family. I was glad to be able to recognize Chris and all he does for our family (although he kept calling it Mother's Day to tease me because I kept asking him to do things for me!). Allison sure loves her Daddy and I am grateful for the special relationship they have..oh and by the way, Allison it POTTY TRAINED (two weeks without any accidents - AWESOME!.

Water Fun!

Last Saturday we went out to Lake Nahwatzel for a party to celebrate some friends being in town. Unfortunately Chris had to work, but Allison and I had a blast.
For once in her life, she didn't freak out on the boat!
Becky tried to teach her how to float with a life jacket on - didn't work too well.
It was just a little bit cold!
Thanks to Brian and Becky for swimming with her - I didn't bring a swimsuit!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


We tend to go camping a lot in the summer - it's one of our favorite things to do. Every year we go up to Wynoochie Lake the first weekend of June - which is when Steelhead fishing opens in the lake. This year pretty much the entire Nadeau clan came for at least a little bit. We had a great time.
Allison sure loves her daddy - especially when he lets her wear his sweatshirt.

Papa made the girls a swing - so cool! They loved it...
Rose is such a cutie!
Allison didn't want to stop!