Friday, April 24, 2009

The Flu!

Poor little Allison got the flu this week. We haven't experienced the flu with Allison before, so this was very exciting. We're so used to her Asthma and her having colds/coughs, that we know exactly how to handle it when she gets that kind of sick. But the flu - that's an entirely different story.

Tuesday I get a call from Allison's babysitter - she started throwing up and my brother came to get her (I have an AWESOME family - thank you Brian). When I got home from work, she was asleep and I didn't want to wake her, so I ran home to do a few errands. When I can back, she had already thrown up a couple more times and then while I was there she threw up again - nasty! Basically all that evening she couldn't keep anything down so I called the Consulting Nurse. She said that if a kid can't keep even liquids down, you shouldn't wait very long before taking them in - she said we could try giving her Pedialyte by the spoonful every 5 minutes or so and see how it goes. She also gave us some things to watch for - signs that we should take her in immediately. Well, she couldn't even keep the Pedialyte down, but she had gone potty, so we figured she was okay. By 2 in the morning, she was so dehydrated that her tears had dried up so I took her to the ER. They were able to give her some medicine to stop her throwing up - and she got a popcicle (which she thought was pretty cool). They said that if the medicine didn't work, they'd have to give her an IV - thank goodness it worked! They sent us home and she slept until morning.

Wednesday I stayed home with her and she ran a high fever all day. Thursday, the fever finally broke, but she still wouldn't eat or drink anything (I had to force her to drink to keep some liquids in her). So, I stayed home with her again today, just to give her another day to recover and she seems to be doing much better. She ate pancakes for breakfast and has been drinking again. Whew! It has been quite the experience - hopefully we don't have to deal with the flu too often!


Last Saturday night we went fishing. I think this was the first time that Allison actually new what was going on and was excited to go - she even had her own Dora fishing pole. Here she is with her cousin Jared - he's showing her the ropes.
And in no time she was a pro.
They even got to feed the ducks...
I think Allison really enjoyed herself - which is good because we will be doing this A LOT this summer!


I'm really awful about getting Allison in for pictures. My mom gets seriously annoyed with me, so when Allison was about 10 months she took her in, and then last Saturday while Chris and I were at the temple, she took her in again (I have such a great mom!). Apparently Allison had quite the entourage for her pictures (about 6 family members came with) and it sounded like they had a lot of fun. Here are some of my favorites.

Temple Trip

Last Saturday, April 18th, Dave and Brenda were sealed to Kyle and Justin. It was an awesome experience - Chris & I actually got to stay with the boys in the waiting room which was a new experience for me. Definitely a good day!


We had a great Easter this year. It was Stake Conference, so we went to Elma for our meeting and then headed to Olympia to have dinner at Robin's house. The Easter Bunny came for the four Grandchildren that were there. They were very excited for the baskets... Taylor....
Allison (too excited to look at the camera)....
...and Crystal (with her mommy).
The Easter Bunny also left some candy and eggs hidden for the girls to find. They really enjoyed trying to find all the candy.
As always, some candy was left on the piano keys.

Pretty Princess!

The Saturday before Easter was a lot of fun. Allison's Grandpa Nadeau (Papa) and Brenda came over to give Allison her Easter present. It was the PERFECT gift - a princess purse, fancy headband and gloves as well as candy, crayons and lots of other fun things. Allison thought she was a princess, so we dressed her up in her fancy dress and she wore all of her new things. Isn't she cute?

That day we were headed to a baby shower (which Allison thought was a party for her), so it was perfect that she was dressed up. We stopped by Target and Allison and Crystal had to try out the car seats.

It ended up being a really long day without time for Allison's nap - let's just say that she was able to MAKE some time - so cute, I had to share!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

She's all grown up!

Well, she's not quite all grown up yet, but she sure thinks she is. Tonight there was a youth game night at the church. Allison came along with me since Chris had to work tonight and needed some sleep before he went. Allison had so much fun, but it was a bit difficult to keep her from being trampled by all the big kids. She just wanted to be with them so bad! At least they did let her play a little bit of Apples to Apples - she thought she was soooo cool!

Friday, April 10, 2009


We decided to take the girls to the zoo and had a crazy day! We took the ferry from Bremerton to Seattle thinking that we would go to the Woodland Park Zoo - only to find lines FOREVER long. So, we thought maybe Point Defiance would be better and headed down to Tacoma. It was still busy, but much better.

The ferry ride was so much fun. Kendall was too cool for school - listening to her music.

Allison - wanting to be just like her older cousin already!

Taylor and Allison

Just another cute one of Allison...

The zoo was a blast, but I forgot to take pictures after about 20 minutes. So, at the beginning there's a little kids play area that I did remember to take pictures of. Allison is so much fun!
What cute little birdies!I'm so glad we got to take advantage of the nice weather! I love going to the zoo and hope to do it a lot more as Allison gets older. She really enjoyed it, but was definitely ready for her nap after 30 minutes or so. Maybe I'll have to plan nap time a little better next time....


Last Saturday was such a beautiful day that we decided to go for a picnic at Potlatch State Park with Tim and Julie.

Allison was so cute pretending to be sleeping before we left... Tim, Allison, and Chris had fun skipping rocks on the water.
Chris sure loves his baby girl...
Then, the monster came and ALMOST got me!
It was so nice to get out of the house on a nice day. Hopefully we will get more nice days soon!