Sunday, May 18, 2008


Well, it's been about a month and a half I guess. Life has been pretty good - crazy busy, but good. April went by really fast. We got to go camping for the first time this year with our friends Daniel and Heather. We went to Fort Warden State Park and had a ton of fun. It is so beautiful up there and it was great to get out and enjoy the sun - we picked a great weekend to go, although it got REALLY cold at night.

At Fort Warden they have old bunkers that you can check out. I believe these were called Batteries, but I have no idea why they call them that - maybe somebody could fill me was great to have our little backpack for Allison - she loves it and couldn't run away!
Another family picture at the Batteries...
Then we went down to the beach and played for a little bit. Somehow Heather got a hold of my camera, but I thought this picture was really cute of her with Daniel towing around Allison in the back.
And one more of Allison and her was a great camping trip!!
Allison has been really enjoying being outside. At the babysitters they have a pool so I'm sure she is going to be extremely tan by the end of summer. I bet people won't believe she's my child. Anyway, we've been having a really hard time keeping her in the house - she's really into the slide and the tricycle (even though she can't reach the pedals yet).

And down she goes...

Last Friday night we got to go to Logan McGee's birthday party at a park in Olympia. It was a fun BBQ with just a few people - so we really enjoyed ourselves. Allison and I had fun playing with their son Kason. I told Logan I would post this picture of Kason with the pink sunglasses just to tick him off - but he's so cute with them on!

Allison and Kason really got along well - I can't wait until they can run around together and really play hard.

Allison definitely loves her Daddy - sometimes I fell a little left out, but it's great to see how well she gets along with her Dad.
On Saturday, we had the Tri-Stake Dance Festival Preview for the Youth in the Olympia, Lacey and Elma Stakes. They held it at the SHS Mini Dome and about 4 of our Shelton girls didn't show up - so their leaders had to fill in....totally unexpected but a lot of fun. Kamala, Heather, and I made sure to get our pictures taken so we could document the experience. The other adult leaders kept mistaking Heather and I for youth - we kept getting in trouble for not being in the right place - we just had to keep reminding them that we were leaders and knew where we needed to be. Hopefully we'll find some girls to take our place for the big performance in July - otherwise we'll be doing this again, I guess. Oh well, I never got to do it as a youth, so I might as well do it now.
One last exciting bit of information - it looks like we might be buying a house!! We are soooo excited. If we do get it, then the picture above will be our neighborhood - Kamala across the street and Heather next door. I think we would all have a lot of fun. Anyway, the situation is that Heather's next door neighbor passed away and the family would like to get rid of the house ASAP. The court has told them that they need to get an appraisal and then they can sell it for 90% of that amount. So, the appraiser is coming this Thursday or Friday, and then we can decide if we can afford it. We've already been told that we get first dibs on the house, so as long as it doesn't come in too high then we will be buying it. It needs a lot of work, but that just means we can get it for a better deal. I'll post again when we find out and I'll also have to post some pictures.

Anyway, we hope life is going well for all of our friends and family. I feel like everyone I know is having babies right now - my college roommate Michele just had a baby girl, and then Chanel is having a girl on Wednesday. My cousin Liz is having a boy soon and then Becky in July - there are going to be a TON of babies around. No more for us yet, but hopefully soon. Anyway, maybe I'll post a little sooner next time - probably not but you never know.