Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Injury #59,574

Seriously, I cannot even remember all of the injuries this kid has gotten over the past three years. I'm afraid she may be a tad bit accident-prone. At least we are learning how to handle these situations calmly!

This is the story: Allison and I were doing dishes one afternoon and there was a tin can in the sink that I needed to rinse out and put in recycling. The lid was still partially attached, and little Allison decided to put her thumb inside the can. Since the lid was still attached her thumb got stuck inside and she freaked out. I reached over to help her get it out, and she ripped her thumb out of the can - creating a nice big gash on her thumb.

After 3 hours in Urgent Care Allison left extremely traumatized and her thumb now has six stitches. I didn't know you could fit six stitches on her tiny little thumb, but they managed.

Excuse the picture - with my camera dead, we have to rely on the cell phone to document things around here.

Sad Day!

My camera is officially dead. It appears that someone stepped on it (I'm not naming names, but my bet is on the little three-year-old that lives with me). Anyway, just a few of the last pictures I was able to take before our camera took a nose dive...