Monday, October 27, 2008

Trying something new...

So, instead of posting one LONG post, I've decided to divide it up this time. Be sure to scroll all the way down to her birthday post so that you read it all.

Random Cuteness!

There's just so many cute pictures of Allison, I have to post some of them.

Allison loves "her" chair at the bar. She's always up there eating something.

Allison loves to drive her mother crazy. This time she decided to get into the drawer of bibs and put them ALL on. And, of course, she naked - her favorite!

This was so funny. All of a sudden I look down the hall and Allison has Chris' shorts up around her shoulders. It was hilarious! Thank goodness she kept them on long enough for me to snap a picture.

Trying on Melissa's boots...naked again.

Playing in the neighbor's (Heather & Daniel's) sprinkler.

(Chanel, do you recognize those shoes? You left them here last time you visited and Allison has become attached to them. They are HUGE on her, but she doesn't seem to mind)

So cool with her Uncle Jeremy.

Apparently she's getting to go out with her sunglasses and purse (not sure who got her dressed - YIKES!)

So pretty in her long hair...

She got this little outfit from her Papa Nadeau & Brenda. She looked adorable in it.
She got this guitar from Kevin & Chanel - she loves it - especially since it's her favorite color, pink!
This one's for you, Heather - I guess this teaches you not to take pictures on MY camera! Ha!

Pumpkin Patch - Trip #2

The second time Allison & I went to the pumpkin patch we went with my parents, my brother Brian, his wife Becky and my nieces Kendall, Taylor, and Crystal. I wasn't planning on going, but it kept me from unpacking - definitely worth it.
Allison got to go down the slide last time, but this time she wanted to do it over and over again. We had to drag her away. This is her climbing up the hay to get to the slide.
She was obsessed....
Brian, Becky & Crystal - aren't they so cute?
Becky wanted to try the slide, too. She decided to go down head first - crazy girl.
Looks like fun.
Allison, Kendall, Becky & Taylor.
The girls really enjoyed seeing the animals..
Once again, we got to go on a hay ride - Allison really loved it this time. She wanted to sit all by herself - she's so independent.One again, she had a good time looking at all of the pumpkins. Once again, we didn't take one home - aren't I a horrible mother?Kendall - she's turning into such a beautiful little girl (she actually DID take this pumpkin home).
Taylor, Allison, and Kendall on the tractor (they had to take turns driving).

This time we got to go to the corn maze. It was a lot of fun and all the dried up corn was really pretty.

Grandpa found some corn for Allison to eat - I couldn't get it away from her.

Grandpa then had to find corn for the other girls!

I think everyone really enjoyed themselves. Especially after we all got ice cream (I especially love the one hand in her pocket - so grown up).

The trips to the pumpkin patch were a lot of fun, but I think we're done for the year. Maybe next year we'll actually buy a pumpkin.

Pumpkin Patch - Trip #1

Allison & I have taken two trips to the pumpkin patch this year. The first trip was with our good friend and neighbor Heather.

We got to go on a hay ride and through a hay maze and then look at all of the pumpkins.
Allison really enjoyed herself.
She had a lot of fun picking out a pumpkin - and then we ended up not even buying one - just ICE CREAM!
And for some reason I love to make Allison kiss things. I know, I'm a weird mom, but she just gives the BEST kisses!

Allison Turns Two!!

On October 5th, Allison turned two years old. I cannot believe time has flown by so fast. She is such an awesome little girl and we love every minute we have with her (well, maybe not right this second when she's kicking the computer). Anyway, here's some pictures from her party at my parents:
The birthday cake (not very exciting, I know)
Grandpa's trying to teach Allison how to tell people that she's now two years old.
This is the best we got.

She REALLY enjoyed the cupcake.
I think she enjoyed opening the presents better than actually getting the presents. As soon as she opened one present, she was ready to open another. It was cute to watch her - much different than her first birthday.
Chris and I got her a tricycle. She LOVES it - although she hasn't quite figured it out yet so she wants us to push her around all the time.
Some things about Allison:
Height - 36 1/4 inches - 96th Percentile
Weight - 29 1/2 lbs - 80th Percentile
Head Circumference - 49cm - 95th Percentile
Basically, my child isn't small. She talks ALL the time and has quite the personality. She knows what she wants and is very independent. She loves Shrek, Elmo, Pucca and Monster's Inc. She has her mommy & daddy wrapped around her little finger and we love to spoil her. It's hard to remember what life was like before we had Allison around.