Sunday, June 1, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

Hey, I think I'm doing pretty good - Memorial Day was only ONE weekend ago and I'm already posting about it. That's pretty amazing if you ask me.

We ended up at Ocean City State Park near Ocean Shores for the weekend with Chris' brother Tim and his wife Julie. There were some rough moments, but it was still a really good time. Allison's really getting used to the camping thing! Which is good because we go A LOT. I think she likes it so much because of all the junk food we eat!
She loved going to the beach!! She's been before, but probably was too young to remember. She could not run fast enough to get to the water.
Julie had to save her from the water that came in way too fast. If I was patient enough to post videos, I would post a video of her jumping around in a pool of water and falling in face first. It was hilarious!
On Sunday night, Chris' dad and brother Jeremy and Jeremy's friend came to visit. It was fun to have a big group of people to hang out with.

The camping trip would have been great except the first night Allison tried to blow out the Citronella candle and got a little too close - singeing some of her eyelashes. Then on Sunday morning she lost her balance while throwing something into the fire and fell in. That was a scary moment, but it turned out okay. Both arms were pretty badly burned - not from the actual fire, but from the metal ring around the fire that her arms slid across on the way in. I'd post a picture - but the burns were pretty nasty. I guess she'll learn not to get too close to the fire!

On Memorial Day, Chris' dad had a BBQ because Chris' Uncle Rick was in town with his wife Gloria and grandbaby Madison. We got a picture of Rose, Madison, Lacy and Allison all together. Madison is so tiny, it's hard to believe that Allison is the youngest in the picture. I thought they did pretty good posing.
After the BBQ, most of us went to Jared's baseball game. He got a home run!! His Grandpa Kirton was very proud! I'm glad we all got to be there.
I hope everyone had a great weekend - we sure did (minus Allison's burns). We are looking forward to a lot more camping this summer and will definitely post more pictures.