Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Labor Day Weekend!

Chris and I decided to make Labor Day weekend an extra long weekend and took an extra two days off - so a total of a 5-day weekend! It was desperately needed by both of us, and we are so grateful we made that decision.

Friday night Allison and I attended an Adoption party for my brand new nieces! We were sad we couldn't make it to the courthouse on Friday, but we did get to go to the party and celebrate with them. We are so excited for Addison and Paxton to be apart of our family!

Chris picked us up from Robin's house and from there we drove to Yakima. It was a long and dark drive, but we got there and met up with Jeremy, Melissa and Jared before relaxing and getting some sleep for our fun day on Saturday. Of course I brought my camera, but didn't take very many (any) pictures. Whoops!

Saturday, we got up and had breakfast and then the 6 of us floated down the Yakima River. This was a much different river than the one Chris and I went on a month ago. This is all class ones and a very relaxing float. It took about 4 1/2 hours and I am sure burnt! Nobody else got burned except me. I guess I'm just lucky - and not very smart because I didn't wear sunscreen! And of course I don't have any pictures to share because my waterproof camera wouldn't load for me - so much for remembering how to use 35mm film! It was just too confusing, but I'm going to blame it on the camera.

After floating down the river, we went back to the hotel and got cleaned up and then explored downtown Yakima a bit - and had some yummy dinner! Then we decided to relax and Chris and Jared played cards for awhile - I don't know how long because I passed out! I'm blaming it on the sunburn.

Sunday morning we got up and had breakfast and then Chris, Allison and I headed out. We explored Highway 12 a bit and stopped at a huge street fair in Packwood. So, these are basically the only pictures from the trip - when Allison got a hold of the camera!

I did finally take a picture when Allison was throwing a fit!

We got home and decided to relax a bit. Then after we were rested, we took a drive up the canal. My favorite drive in the area is along the water between Union and Hoodsport. So we headed out there for a drive and were going to let Allison play at Twanah State Park, but it was CRAZY busy! Then we decided to go and visit our friends that were camping about an hour away so we headed that direction. I got to hold the baby for a couple hours, Allison got to play with all the little girls, and Chris got to play a game with the boys. It was a lot of fun and we were glad we stopped by (except for the mosquito bites!). Then we headed back home and were excited to sleep in our own beds!

Monday morning Chris went out hunting and Allison and I slept in. Then Allison and I went over to my parent's for a little bit and then all three of us went and saw Spy Kids at the theater...definitely not my kind of movie, but Allison LOVED it.

Monday night we went to Tenino to watch Joe's football game. We picked up Jared on the way and we had a good time at the game. Afterwards we grabbed some dinner and headed home.

Tuesday we decided to go to Northwest Trek. First we stopped by Dave's work to wish him a happy birthday and then we headed out. I hadn't been to Northwest Trek since I was a kid and I had been wanting to go! Allison has gone like 4 times without me, but this was finally my turn!

The tram ride was a lot of fun and we saw a lot of animals!

Allison was sure excited!

Chris and Jared were excited, too - even though they wouldn't show it.


After the zoo we decided to head home and relax (I sure have said relax a lot, haven't I? That was kind of the purpose of our time off!). On the way home Allison decided to hang Jared's brand new hat out the window thinking she could hold on to it and tease him - well, she wasn't as strong as she thought and it ended up on the highway. We went back to get it and it looked pretty good - sitting just off the road so we thought it would be okay. Then a car decided to swerve and run over it totally on purpose! We still got it and Jared is still wearing it, but I felt horrible!

Tuesday night Allison and I relaxed at home while Chris went out hunting with his Dad. Today Chris is out fishing with his brother so Allison and I are getting some more relaxation in and I'm catching up on things...maybe we'll go to the park, who knows. It sure has been a nice 5 days off, I'm not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow!