Saturday, October 29, 2011

Final Catch-Up

Man, that was a lot of blogging! Here are just some random pictures that really didn't go with the other posts, but I couldn't NOT post them!
Cute Girl!

I was making fun of how high she pulled up her shorts!

Little fashionista!

Out hunting with Daddy!
We decided Allison didn't need a queen size bed anymore, so we gave hers to someone who needed it more. We moved one of our guest beds into her room and did a little redecorating. She LOVES her new room and we love it, too.

So, you're thinking - why do you have a random picture of Allison drinking a Fruitista? A long time ago, we told Allison if she slept in her own bed by herself for 7 nights she would get a Pillow Pet. Well, she didn't do it, but she still got a Pillow Pet for her birthday or Christmas or something (yeah, I know, we're bad parents!). Anyway, after we redecorated Allison's room she has been sleeping in her own bed every night all by herself! We are so proud of her! We asked her what she wanted since she already had a Pillow Pet, and she said she wanted a Fruitista! I quickly ran out and got her one before she changed her mind - $2 is sure cheap compared to what she could have asked for! 

And finally, these are my new favorite pictures of Chris and Allison. They are so cute together. The 2nd one if my favorite!


I swear I am the most un-crafty person ever! But for some reason lately, I have been doing quite a few crafts! It's kind of crazy, but I'm really enjoying it.

A coworker of mine retired, and she said for her retirement, she wanted sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. Well, I took care of the lollipops and rainbow with this awesome lollipop tree! I didn't want to be skimpy, so I used tootsie pops in stead of dum dums - but that was a bad idea because this seriously weighed 15 pounds! Go big or go home, right??

I did lots of crafts for Super Saturday since I made most of the example crafts. This one was my favorite - it's actually spray painted pistachio's. Isn't it cute?

My dad grew pumpkins for all of the grand kids so Allison and I got to carve a pumpkin.

Heather really wanted to do a Halloween craft with our kids. Last Monday we got together and made these fun Q-Tip skeletons. They were pretty cute and Allison LOVED making them (so she made 3!).
Julie saw this cute idea for 2x4 pumpkins so we got together on Wednesday night with Heather and made these! Too cute!
 And Allison's version, of course...
I think a lot of this increase in making crafts has to do with Pinterest! I LOVE it and have so many ideas for Christmas already!


It's not even Halloween yet and we've had so much fun already. Last night the primary put on a party and an indoor "trunk or treat". I had signed up for a room, but was not knowing how to make it cool. So my friend Heather told me she'd help me, but I had to dress up. Well, I didn't just dress up, I went all out! My own parents didn't recognize me!  I had actually bought a matching costume for Allison so we could be twins, but she decided Bat Girl was cooler!

Allison and her buds!

Bat Girl and the Grim Reaper

The Grim Reaper was trying to give Bat Girl a kiss - but she wasn't having it.

Allison's Birthday - The Finale!

Allison was very funny about her birthday this year. She was very specific with what she asked for - and a lot of the time it wasn't presents. From Chris & I she wanted manicures/pedicures. From her Aunt Sara, she wanted a red and white afghan. From her Grandma and Grandpa Nielsen, she wanted to go to Pullman to visit her cousins! Too funny. So last weekend the four of us loaded up and drove across the state so visit my brother and his family.

The first day we were there Becky had a meeting and my dad wasn't feeling well, so Brian, my Mom and I took the girls to the local science center.

The virtual haircut creeped my mom out!

Allison and Crystal

Brian trying out the haircut

That evening my dad still wasn't feeling well so the rest of us  went to Ferdinand's - which is the creamery at WSU. They had YUMMY ice cream and we also got some famous cheese!

Abigail makes the cutest face when she says "cheese"
The next day we drove to Moscow and went to their farmer's market. There was so much yummy food to try! It was a lot of fun. 

They even had toys to play on and a live band - Abigail decided to dance for the camera while the kids played behind her.
On the way home from Moscow we went to a place where they study Grisly Bears. We got to see TEN of them. So cool. Of course I didn't take any pictures...

The real reason we went to the farmer's market was to get some apples to make applesauce. They gave us a smokin' deal and we got a TON of apples. Brian and my dad did most of the processing for the ones Brian and Becky were keeping.

We had so much fun with my brother and his family. The kids got along well and we had a lot of fun. We also did a little shopping and got to go swimming - which is where Allison started swimming a lot more by herself. Thank you Brian and Becky for an AWESOME weekend (oh, and mom and dad, too for giving Allison the best birthday present ever!)!

Pumpkin Patch

Brian & Becky came to visit a few weeks ago and we got to go to the pumpkin patch.

We got to go on a hay ride.

Walk through the pumpkin patch...

And go through a hay maze (Allison was a little scared)

It was a lot of fun and we were happy to get to go!

Allison - 5 year old Birthday Stats

I took Allison to the doctor for her well child visit. We were trying to combine her Doctor's visit with her Kindergarten shots, but of course the shot lady called in sick (Julie ended up taking her the next week to get her shots - I promised her there was only one and there ended up being THREE!). She did so good with the doctor. For awhile there she had had so many bad experiences with the doctor (burns, stitches, gash on her head, etc) that she would cry when she had to go to the doctor. She did GREAT for this appointment.

Height - 3' 8" - 79%
Weight - 47 pounds - 86%

I was kind of surprised that she's only 79% for Height. I get comment after comment about how big she is for her age. And compared to a lot of kids just older than her, she is really big...but I guess she's just a little bit above average after all.

This was the first well child visit that we did a little bit more than just weight and measure her. I was concerned about a couple things, so she had her eyes checked and got to pee in a cup! I know, TMI, but sometimes I worry she has bad eye sight so I wanted that checked - she's fine, by the way. Also, sometimes it seems like she has to go to the bathroom every 20 minutes, so the doctor wanted to check that out, too - also fine. It does feel good not to have to worry abut those things now that we gotten them checked out with the doctor.

Sometimes I swear Allison is 5 going on 13. She seems like such a big girl and has a big girl attitude as well. Her knew favorite saying is "OMG" which just cracks me up. She also says "really Mom, really?". I am so grateful to have Allison in my life - she makes things so much fun and interesting. She's such a smart little girl and keeps us on our toes. I still can't believe she's 5 already. Where has the time gone?

Allison's Birthday - Party #3

We had a combined party for Allison & Hailee with the Nadeau side. It was a fun night and great to see everyone!
Hailee & Allison blowing out their candles

Hailee enjoying her cupcake

Rose really like the birthday hat Allison got from her preschool

Silly BatGirl

There we go

Opening presents

Half Nadeau Clan...

...and the other half