Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pieper's Reception

My cousin Pieper got married last week in Utah to a great guy named Derek. Last night they had a reception here in Washington. It was BEAUTIFUL. The Alexanders sure know how to throw a party. I honestly didn't see much of Allison, she was running around and rolling down hills - she was in heaven! Of course I didn't take very many pictures, but when the dancing started, I had to catch some of the action.
My dad and his grand-daughters. They love dancing with Grandpa.
Allison did NOT want to leave, she loved every minute of this party.
Of course I had to get a pictures of myself - notice the haircut? It was looking a little ragged after all the dancing, but I LOVE it.
Addison & Allison - cute cousins!
Congratulations Pieper & Derek! We wish you an eternity of happiness!

Brazilian Restaurant

For Father's Day, I wanted to do something special for Chris. He is such a good Dad and has been working so much, it was time to take a break and do something fun. Since Allison had invited herself to a sleepover at my sister's (no joke, Allison is NOT shy about asking for what she wants), we decided to have a night out. Heather & Daniel came with us and we went to a Brazilian restaurant in Seattle. Daniel served his mission in Brazil, so he was able to give us the inside scoop on what to expect. It was so fun
and SO yummy. Not something we'll do very often (it was pretty pricey) but it was a nice break from our normal routine.

Don't worry, Chris really did have a good time, he's just a brat when it comes to pictures...
Heather & I....

Sunday, June 12, 2011


We went on our second camping trip of the summer already! This weekend we did the annual Nadeau Family Wynoochie camping trip. Every year we go camping at Wynoochie the first weekend in June to fish for Steelhead. This year we ended up going the second weekend in June and didn't do a whole lot of fishing, but we had fun.

The weather was pretty overcast the entire time, but it didn't really rain. I'll take that for sure. And it definitely didn't keep Allison from enjoying the water.

Isn't it beautiful up there?
Hailee and Tim...
Allison is crazy! She did this twice while we were up there - started out by throwing rocks and then ended up getting soaked. Crazy kid.
And probably the funniest part of the trip was when we were relaxing by the lake and Allison came up to me with something in her hand. I looked at it and once I realized what it was I freaked! It was a USED tampon. She wanted me to hold it, but I made her throw it down and immediately go and wash her hands. The really fun part was explaining to her what it was used for. SO GROSS!!!
We did do a little fishing. These guys sure do look comfortable for fishing, but Brenda did catch a fish and ate it.
Chris and Allison decided to tough it out on the rocks. Allison fished with Chris for probably an hour. Too cute.
One day Allison was SUPER tired, but didn't want to take a nap. So I cuddled her in my lap and amazingly she fell asleep. This hasn't happened in awhile and I LOVED it.We also drove up to Wynoochie falls to explore. I hadn't been up there before, and it was pretty cool.
Here's a wide angle shot of the falls to the left and Chris and Allison to the right. If you'll look above them, you can see Brenda and the boys. They were crazy, and it was a good thing Brenda was with them or the would have continued climbing.
It was a great weekend and a fun trip. Now back to reality tomorrow! At least the camping stuff is all put away and the laundry is almost done. Time to relax!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Sunny Saturday (Finally)!

The weather has been so dreary this year, I think everyone in the Northwest was ecstatic to finally have a sunny Saturday (I know Allison and I were). Daddy had to work, so we decided to have a fun morning together - painted nails, wore makeup, etc. Allison was adorable! We decided to go and watch Mark play soccer. He is such a little stud.
Allison and Mia had lots of fun while Mark was playing soccer.
We spent the afternoon at Kevin's house and then we all went to my parent's for a campfire. It was a great day and I hope we have many more sunny ones to come!

Memorial Day Weekend

We decided to make our Memorial Day Weekend into a 4-day weekend and go camping at Fort Stevens State Park in Oregon. We went with our good friends Logan & Laura.

Kason, Allison and Chris around the campfire (I don't know where she gets that attitude)
We had gotten Allison a bike on my birthday, and then the day we were leaving we got me a bike as well so that I could ride with Allison while we were camping. Chris noticed all the fun we were having and decided he needed one, too. So, by the end of our camping weekend, all three of us had bikes and are excited to go riding a lot in the future.

On Sunday, Chris' Dad, Brenda and the kids stopped by the campground. We decided to check out the Fort Stevens Historical Site - and since it was Memorial Day Weekend, there were lots of activities going on.

Allison and her Papa Dave

The "group"
There were a lot of bunkers - some had lights and some didn't. Allison was NOT okay with them and thought they were scary.
Logan, Chris, Kason and Allison checking out the old guns...
Allison (with Kason peeking from behind)
Allison and Kason - they were great buds for "most" of the the weekend.
Chris and Allison being silly.
Allison slowly learned to enjoy the bunkers and then she wanted to go in EVERY one. That kid cracks me up.
They were shooting off old cannons. Allison was a good little girl and plugged her ears...
Posing by an old jeep.
And finally, on the trip home - Allison decided she needed to wear my helmet to be safe. Silly girl.
And not long after...she was asleep. That weekend wore us all out!

Kelly's Birthday

I can't believe I turned 29 this year! Time is flying by so fast. Next year I'll be 30! That is just plain crazy.

The Friday night before my birthday, I went out with some friends. Heather had the entire night planned out and didn't let me know what was going on. It turned out to be a lot of fun. Things got crazy right from the start!

Julie, Jamie and Kathleen Heather and Kelly

First thing - of course - dinner at the Spaghetti Factory!
Our waitress found out it was my birthday and took it upon herself to sing to me. Ugh. I hate that. But I smiled through it all :)

After dinner Heather had a scavenger hunt planned. It had all kinds of crazy things for me to do, and it also gave the other ladies the chance to think of something and have me do it. Jamie decided to have me jump in a fountain in downtown Tacoma. Heck, I'm not the kind of girl not to take on a challenge!

I was also told to hop up on this statue - and the other ladies jumped in the picture as well..
We did lots of other stuff, too - walked down the street like a gangster, danced in the back of the truck, "attempted" doing a cartwheel - and all kinds of other stuff. It was a GREAT night. Thank you so much ladies.

On my actual birthday, I went out with Chris & Allison and my Mom & Sidse. We had a fun night and we ended up buying Allison a bike (happy birthday to Allison?). She's so spoiled, but she LOVES her new bike and I love watching her ride.

Miranda's Birthday

I LOVE our neighborhood. We have lots of fun together. In May, we went out to celebrate Miranda's birthday. It was a lot of fun. Heather had decided she was crocheting Miranda a little stuffed dog, so I thought that I should crochet her something, too. Well, I decided on this hat that seemed pretty cool, and since I only had ONE day to get it done, I got started. Let's just say it didn't turn out as "cute" as the pattern looked. It was HUGE. But, I thought it was pretty funny so I gave it to her anyway, and I quickly made these little fingerless gloves that were pretty cute so she would at least have something kind of cool. We had a lot of fun with that hat!

I think Carly enjoyed modeling it more than Miranda did.
Miranda with her presents...Carly, Heather and Laura - I love that Laura is the only "normal" one!
Thanks for inviting me out, ladies!