Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Not only does Allison loves clothes, but she loves to walk around in everyone's shoes (reminds me of someone else when they were a baby - Kendall!!). She just had to try on her Daddy's new work boots. She's a pretty funny kid (Don't mind the messy house).

Strange Kid

Grammy Nielsen thought she was being funny at church on Sunday when she put her sweater over Allison's shoulders. Little did she know that Allison is kind of a clothes freak - she wouldn't give the sweater back!


We have had some crazy weather here in Washington. I mean, getting snow twice in the beginning of December?? It snowed all morning on Sunday, so I let Allison go and play a little bit (I know, I know, I'm a horrible mother letting her play out in the snow with no coat on - I swear it was only for a minute). Allison loves being outside, but the snow added on to that got her really excited!
Mom loves this one because of the footprints....
It was nice to get a couple of pictures of Allison's cute hair (Believe me, it didn't last long).

Grown Up Girl

We got a new camera!!!

We went out to dinner last Saturday night with Chris' brother Tim and his girlfriend Julie. We went to Zapp's (Brewery City Pizza), which is one of my favorites. Allison just seemed so grown up coloring and being a big girl. I just cannot believe she's over one already!!