Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Chris' Birthday

Sunday Chris turned 26. I think he had a good day - I made his favorite Enchiladas and some other delicious dishes (thank you Chanel!). We also got to spend Friday night childless and had a really nice dinner together. It's hard to believe how old we're getting - I only have 2 months and I'll be 26, too. Time is flying fast!!


We went hiking last Saturday with Chris' dad and his family. We had a really good time, but unfortunately we couldn't find a backpack child carrier in time before we had to leave. So, it was a little bit of a pain with Allison but we still had a lot of fun. She wanted to be independent and spent a lot of the time walking on her own.
Allison also spent a lot of time on her Dad and Grandpa's shoulders.

It's a lot of fun to see Allison and Chris together. They get along soooo well. I don't know what she would do without her Daddy!
She's such a ham!
We had a lot of fun with Justin and Kyle - they were really good sports. Justin got his mom to put him up in this tree so I had to get a picture. It was a pretty cool tree.
We had so much fun hiking we went out that night and got a backpack child carrier. Now we need to make it worth all the money we spent and go hiking all the time - we've already got another trip planned this weekend!

Cheesy Girl!!

I've decided I'm just a horrible blogger. I save up a bunch of pictures and then blog them all at once - if I could just do a few a week it would be a lot better.....I'll have to work on that.

Anyway, I think Allison may take after her Mama a bit. She loves to ham it up for the camera and says "CHEESE" whenever she sees me take it out - I swear I didn't even teach that to her. She's such a ham and makes life a lot more fun when she's around.
Allison LOVES the swing. Every time we leave the house I have to drag her away from it - it's not quite warm enough yet to swing every day. I'm glad she enjoys being outside...