Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Makeup Time!

Allison loves anything "adult". She wants to be grown up so badly and she's only 2 1/2. Once in a great while, I'll give her a little makeover. We did pretty good this time - a little bit of an issue with the mascara, but I thought she looked pretty cute (her dad does NOT enjoy this - I think he's already stressing about having a teenager). Doesn't she look pretty? Well, I was feeling a little crazy, and decided to let her put on her own makeup. She was SO excited!
But I think she may have gotten a little bit out of control!
Nothing a quick trip to the bath and a few wet wipes can't fix. It's worth it to see her having so much fun. We just need to work on getting her NOT to throw a fit when it's time to stop playing with makeup!

Fun times!

Last Friday I got to stay home and hang out with Allison all day - just the two of us. It was awesome! We cleaned up her room and she decided she needed to spend some good quality time with her toys.On Saturday we got to spend a lot of the day with my niece Crystal. We had a great time. Allison got to put up some Easter clings she got from her Grandma Nielsen. She was very particular about how they needed to go on the window - but they had to go all together. I tried to get her to spread them out, but she wanted to do it her way (I guess that's why I let her put them up in her room).
I think little Crystal wanted to help, but I don't think her mom would have been too happy with her standing up there with Allison!

Our Pretty Little Princess...

Sometimes I have no idea where Allison comes up with things. I swear I did not teach her this one. My friend Heather was taking pictures of Allison, and she would not look at the camera. In stead, she turned her back to the camera, put her hand on her hip and stuck her butt out! It was the funniest thing and she did it for like five minutes.She was so serious about it, too.FINALLY - we got her to look at the camera.
Allison is such a little ham she is awesome to have around. She brings so much life and laughter to the house - we love our little girl!

Monday, March 23, 2009


I think I may have one of the most accident prone children ever! I'm starting to think I need to get her eyes checked. Today she decided to run into the corner of something - and I came home to a gashed open eyebrow. We debated whether or not to take her to the doctor, but decided she would be okay...hopefully we made the right choice! The worst part about the whole thing is that I had scheduled to get her pictures taken on Friday when I'm off - guess I need to cancel that!


Saturday we went shooting with Heather, Daniel, Tim, Jeremy and Jared. We had a great time!

Allison learned to drive with her Uncle Jeremy... Allison got to spend some good quality time with her best buddy Sammy! We just need to teach her not to yell at poor Sammy ALL the time!
The boys having a good time.
I think Allison's ready to go home....
Chris & I love to get outside and do something fun. I'm glad the weather's finally starting to get better so that we can...

Dinner with the Nadeau's

Friday night we went out to dinner with almost all of our immediate Nadeau family (we missed you Julie!). We went out to a buffet and had a really good time. Allison thought she was such a big girl.
Jeremy and Melissa...
Rose, Lacy, and Allison...
And just one of Rose and Allison...
After dinner Allison and I went with Grandpa Nadeau, Brenda and the boys to Sportsman's Warehouse and Cabelas. Allison tested her shooting skills...
It was a great night - something we need to do more often!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

You've Got to be Kidding ME!

Isn't it March 15th? This is NUTS!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Laura McGee's Birthday

Finally, a CURRENT post! I know, it's kind of amazing. For Laura's birthday (which was TODAY), we were invited to join them for dinner at Red Robin. And, since we can't pass up a chance to go out to eat....

Here's Laura and her little guy Kason...
Crazy Logan...
Their friends also joined us for dinner....they were lots of fun!
Had to get a picture of myself - not my best but who really cares, right (Chris wouldn't pose for any so don't be mad because I don't have any of him)...
Little Kason is so FREAKING cute!
I hope Laura had a good time...
Even though she had to stand up and be sung to (which better NEVER happen to me).
I think Kason enjoyed himself.
And I KNOW Allison did!
Thanks for inviting us Logan & Laura!

Chris turned 27!

No pictures to go with this one, but Chris had his 27th birthday on Monday (I swear we were just turning 25...what happened!). We had a great evening - Sidse watched Allison and Chris and I went out to Applebee's with Heather and Daniel. Then we ran out to Cabela's to get some bullets (can't go to Olympia without picking some up...). We then stopped by my parent's house on the way home for Chris to get his Cherry Pie....and of course blow out the candles on top (or the skewer we substituted for a candle). It was a fun day - I hope Chris enjoyed it!

Random Catching-Up

We've had a lot of fun the last few months, and here are some random pictures that I wanted to share.

Allison is the best daughter ever - and I think she knows it...
We installed a closet organizer in our bedroom and Allison decided it was her new bed...
She started learning how to ride a bike...
We babysat Crystal one day...she's so stinking cute!
Kevin's family & friend came to visit last week and they stayed with us (since Chris was gone). We LOVE having them and they were the best house guests ever (my house was cleaner when we had FIVE extra people here than it is now with just the three of us). We miss them already....Allison especially misses her cousin Mark - good thing they'll be here in TWO MONTHS or I don't think she'd be able to handle him not being here!


Chris was sent to work in Everett for 4 - 6 weeks. We didn't know how it was going to go without Daddy around for that long, but we managed okay. The first day that he had to report up there, Allison and I rode up with him and then took the train home. It took ALL day to get back to Olympia and out to my mom's work to get a ride home. It was a lot of fun, but I was ready to be home once we got there.

Here's Allison waiting for the train (which we almost missed)
On the train...
She loved every minute (and so did I - it was a GREAT Mommy/Daughter day)!
Then, one weekend we decided to ride the Ferry from Kingston to Edmonds and stay the weekend with Chris. Allison thought the "boat" was so cool.
But a little windy...
Thank goodness Chris didn't even end up staying in Everett for 4 weeks. We missed him terribly and the weekends were difficult deciding who was going to go where so we could spend the time together. We are so happy that he's home!

Tim & Julie to the Temple

Tim and Julie were sealed together for time and all eternity in January. It was a very special day and we were so grateful to be apart of it.

The happy couple:

Chris & I....
Most of the Nadeau boys and their wives (we're missing Jeremy)...
A HAPPY Chris!
Tim & Julie with Dave & Brenda


Only a few pictures from Christmas. Allison LOVED Christmas this year and had so much fun. All she wanted to do was un-wrap....she didn't care so much about the actual presents. After she was done opening them ALL (and there were a lot), she just kept looking for more things to un-wrap. It was pretty cute.
She got a ballerina outfit....so cute!
And is obsessed with her fake fish tank...maybe someday she'll get a real one.
Christmas gets better and better each year when you have a little one to share the excitement with....

Christmas Eve

Usually for Christmas Eve we spend the evening with the Nadeau Family. This year, because of all the snow, the party was postponed and we ended up walking down to my Grandma's house for her party. Every year she makes salmon soup (yummy) and afterwords we sing Christmas carols. It's probably one of my favorite traditions.

Here's our lovely little family (doesn't Chris look excited to be there?)

Mark's such a little stud.
Brian, Becky, and Crystal
Mom & Mia

Beautiful little Kendall...

Chris could only take it so long...
I couldn't tell if Chanel was happy....or not....
I think Kevin and Kendall were done by this point...
But we sang a TON of Christmas carols....
Next....Christmas Day (FINALLY)!