Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I know I've been really bad about posting lately, but life just seems so crazy! With Chris in school and all of the other stuff we're trying to get done, blogging just gets put in the background for awhile. Anyway, hopefully I've posted enough pictures to make everyone happy. Here are some random ones I wanted to share. Allison loves to play in her bedroom - as long as someone is in there with her. If you go in her room she will quickly follow you and slam the door shut - I think this kid needs a sibling (what do you think?).
Allison and her Grandma are so cute - it's fun to watch them bond.
This little girl LOVES to be independent. She took the ENTIRE muffin and started eating it - so cute!
She really dug right in, didn't she?

Love you all and I'll try and be better....

New Year's Football Game

Allison and I braved the weather and went to watch the boys play football. It was REALLY cold..... Doesn't Allison look like she's enjoying herself??
I felt a little bad - she was miserable. She didn't end up staying the entire time and went to WalMart with Sara - I'm sure she was happy to go.
As always, Kevin got in some trouble....couldn't help but show a little too much skin!
Chris did really well - it's fun to watch him play and do something he really enjoys.


It was awesome to have EVERYONE here for Christmas. It was really sad to see them all go. I just keeping telling myself that within the next few years they'll probably all back - some sooner than others.

Mark and Allison got along sooooo well. It's fun for her to have a cousin close to her age. I hope they continue to stay friends. These two could not stay out of this little tent in the living room - it was really cute.
I thought this picture of Taylor was so beautiful....
Taylor and Allison had a lot of fun as well....those girls played so well with her.
And...we did get some snow on Christmas. The girls were so excited that they went out with Chris and made a snowman. I seriously think they had to use every last bit of snow in the yard to make this thing....
Anyone that knows Chris knows how much he LOVES big groups. Even though he really enjoyed having everyone around, Christmas was a little tough on him.....I just love this picture!


I know it's been over a month, but I still had to post these:
Great Grandma Nielsen made Allison a BEAUTIFUL crocheted dress for Christmas. Unfortunaly the Sunday before Christmas Allison got a nasty rash and I had to take her to the doctor to see if she was contagious so she only got like 40 minutes at church in her pretty dress. Thank goodness it's pink and she can still wear it (maybe for Valentines...)
She didn't quite understand what opening presents was all about. She got better as the holiday went on, but here Julie (Tim's wife) had to help her along with the process.
At Grandma Nielsen's on Christmas Eve Allison got a little crazy.....some day I'll post the videos, but her sitting on this tub was just the start... the end of the night she lost her shirt (don't ask - I'm a little worried about her future career....)

Monday, January 28, 2008


I've been getting harassed a bit for my failure to post updates recently. I guess I deserve it since I'm usually the one doing the harassing to those who are not updating their blogs. Call me a hypocrite, whatever....I'll get better. As for now, I'll just give you an update on our lives and then try and post some pictures later. Is that good enough??

Chris started a new job in Bremerton on December 10. It's a really great job and we're extremely excited for this opportunity. For the first year he has classes 2 nights a week. After the first year, he can apply to get into a different program and then classes will be during work....which will be nice. It's a little tough on him since he has to catch the bus at 5:20am and then doesn't get home some nights until 8:30pm - but we know it's worth it and are looking towards the future when I can stay home and have more children. If we can just make it through the first year, then we'll be fine!

Chris' brother Tim got married on Saturday and Chris was a Groomsman. It was fun to watch him walk down the isle because I knew how much he was hating it (am I a mean wife or what??). He was a little upset that day, though - before we left for Rochester in the morning he specifically asked me if we should take an extra memory card for our camera - I told him that we had a 2GB memory card and there was no way we could fill it up. When I got there I took out the camera to take some pictures, and guess what - I had left the memory card at home....needless to say Chris was just a little upset. The good thing was that I did have our video camera and was able to take a lot of video....which nobody else was doing. I just hope they turned out okay - I'm glad my dad was there to help with Allison while I was videoing. Anyway, we're totally happy for Tim and Julie and if you want to see pictures, check out Carolyn's blog.

I'm still working for the State and am totally bored! I just can't wait to be a stay-at-home mom. I know that won't be easy either, but I just feel like that's where I need to be. It's really hard to have to wake Allison up at 6am and take her to daycare every day. I know she would be a much happier kid if she could just sleep in a little longer. I keep telling myself that if we can hold out a little bit longer things will change....

As for Allison, she's growing like a weed! Every time she's around other kids her age she just dwarfs them. She's so big!! I guess that's what she gets for having such tall parents. She's looking so different now that her hair is getting longer - I actually had to cut her bangs because they were hanging in her face....

Like I mentioned before, since Chris started working at the Shipyard, Allison is now in daycare. We asked Danelle McGee to watch her, and we couldn't have found a better person to take care of our child - Chris always says he thinks she's getting better care with Danelle than she would have with him. I don't know about that, but it is working out really well for us. Danelle has a 2-year-old daughter so it's fun to watch them play.

Gosh, I'd better stop typing, or you'll never get through this. Basically we are all doing just fine and I will try and post some pictures a little later.