Thursday, August 18, 2011

All Caught Up!

Well, after a few days of posting, I'm all caught up! Thank just to keep up on it (which I think I will now that I've moved our computer to the guest room)...hopefully

Pool Party!

Last night we had "scrapbooking" at my Aunt Jo Ann's house...which was actually a pool party! I love my Aunt Jo Ann's house and the kids do, too. Allison and I swam for probably 3 hours! I am exhausted today and I still can't hear out of one ear...but it was all worth it!
Allison "jumping" in - she's a bit timid!

And me throwing her!

Chanel and Tessa - Tessa didn't last long...

Some of the non-swimmers (Jo Ann, Grandma and Mom)

Some more non-swimmers (Sidse and Tessa)

Mia and Sara

Chanel and Kevin

Me and Allison under the waterfall

Little miss Allison


And this is how Tessa spent most of the night - eating food with Grandma!

And of course a self-portrait to finish the night!
Thank you Aunt Jo Ann! We had so much fun!!

Miss Fancy Pants!

I don't even remember these pictures getting taken - Chris must have taken them. This is Allison before church last Sunday! She's so silly!

White Salmon River

Last weekend we went rafting on the White Salmon River. It was so much fun! Chris and I went with Jamie & Lance, Kevin & Chanel, and Joe. We had the best guide and the best group. I laughed so hard I had a sore throat the next day.

Anyway, I quickly bought a waterproof camera before we left. Not the greatest quality pictures, but that's okay.
Lance & Jamie getting ready for the trip.
Lance & Kevin



Kevin & Chris waiting for everyone to jump off the bridge

Me, of course!

Brian (our guide) and Joe

The last quarter mile of the trip Kevin decided to hop out and float down. So Lance, Chanel and I did, too. It was fun, but there's a reason why they have you wear wet suits! It was soo cold! I had to keep my arms and head out of the water - they were numb!

Our group!
And these pictures were taken by the rafting company, so they're a much better quality!

The three boys getting ready to "ride the bull"

Obviously I was a little shocked!

It was such a fun day! Thank you Jamie for coming up with the idea and for the rest of you convincing Chris to join us. Now I want to go rafting every weekend!

Hunting with Dad and Papa

I have been really busy with Relief Society lately, so Allison has gotten to go out hunting with Dad and Papa a couple of times. I hear she's a bit whiney, but I think she really enjoys it..


Grandmpa/Allison Moment

A friend of ours got married a couple weeks ago. Allison wanted to dance so bad...I just sent her on to Grandpa who was more than willing to dance with her. They were very cute together.

Madison Elizabeth

Our friends had their baby on the 28th of last month. We got to go and see her in the hospital when she was a day old. Then we got to go over to their house and see her again when she was a week old. She is adorable and Allison has been praying for a baby brother or sister ever since. Yikes!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


A few weeks ago, Allison and I went to the zoo with some friends.It was nice to take a day away from work and spend some time with her. She had a BLAST! She has been going to the zoo a lot this summer. I think she's gone to Northwest Trek once and Point Defiance twice. I'm just glad I got to go with her one of those times....that girl sure is busy!

I promise she was having fun...she was probably just ticked about me taking a picture

The three kiddos

She spun around on this thing for probably 10 minutes. Crazy kid

Feeding the goats

Brushing the goats

Strollin' along...

Here she is riding on the camel....she totally didn't deserve this ride - she was such a brat waiting in line. But it's hard to take it away when you've spent $5! Worst mother ever, here...but she sure did enjoy it!

And then to finish off the day we went to Red Robin for lunch and the kids entertained us with some amazing dancing...