Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cousin Visit

Shortly after Christmas, Brian and Becky came to visit with their kids. Allison is obsessed with her cousin Crystal, so this visit was very important to her (actually, as I was going through these pictures, she said she couldn't look at them because they just made her miss her cousin too much).

One day during their stay, a bunch of us rode the Ferry to Seattle and went to the Science Center.

Allison, Abigail and Crystal at the Science Center with the Space Needle behind them

They got to hold Cockroaches! So gross.

 They had a butterfly exhibit, which I was pretty sure Allison would enjoy. Surprisingly, she was mostly interest in the ones that were hatching (?? I don't know if Butterflies hatch). She could have stared and watched them for hours....

 And after a long day at the Science Center we OF COURSE had to get some McDonald's for lunch.

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