Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fun in the Snow!

Chris spent the month of January in Virginia and while he was gone we got A LOT of snow. It was so crazy, but I was grateful we had a truck so I could still get around.

The was the first snowman she made at Grandma and Grandpa's (she made quite a few snowmen over the next few days)
Another snowman she made with Ridge and Heather

We were trying to think of fun activities to do in the snow, so we put colored water in spray bottles and painted in the snow. It was pretty cool.

Daniel, of course, made a little fort for the kids. They loved that.

Helping me scrape off my windows...
  And, as everyone knows....Allison has a crazy mom...

We had a lot of fun sledding down a nearby hill.
And this video is my absolute favorite. Tim and Julie were without power most of a day, so Julie and Hailee hung out with us. Allison made lots of videos, but this one with her and Hailee is priceless.

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